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Originally Posted by moynal View Post
Would it be possible to take the character models and put them into TSL without installing Revenge of Revan?
I will be making some separate playable character mods at a later date, to be used with K2. There aren't any real DS transitions for them yet anyway .

Originally Posted by moynal View Post
I also installed the mod yesterday and when I uninstalled it after the launcher my regular modded kotor 2 would crash.
I'm not sure why that would be (without more specific info from you), unless you haven't re-named all the files back to the original names. Try copying the files from the backup directory that was provided in the mod (they should be the un-modded TSL originals).

Just for future reference, here is the installation txt file:
Show spoiler

Logan, maybe you could add this to the first post, or would that be too many characters for the thread to allow in one post?

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