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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
I reckon the 'reprogramming them' bit is quite complicated.
I suppose I oversimplified things with such a to-the-point phrase. While reprogramming human cells is probably thousands of times more complex than that of integrated circuits and the like, it probably would have to have more than a few fundamental similarities if it works similarly.
Considering we can make programs to protect our computers from maverick programs and such (viruses and malware) so maybe a biological system isn't too far out of the realm.

It's my understanding that we've had "cybernetic" cells since the 90's (for experimentation in combatting HIV/AIDS). Dumbfounded, I just sort of figured the process would be, y'know, more involved than this relative to its complexity.

To be a realist, cancer is an evolving thing and I'm afraid there will always be some mystery. Guess we need to keep our cells "up to date".

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