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Kalla was about to draw her lightsaber, when another squad of Sith Troopers grappled down behind them, and she noticed the blasters they were carrying. "Tonatius, those are DC-58's. Death Guard weapons." She said, gesturing for him to lower his sword. It had been four years since she had seen such weapons, though it wasn't surprising; Death Guards answered directly to the Sith.

Theed Prison, Naboo

"I take it Markath was in on this the whole time, Lord Sykal?" Kalla asked from inside her cell.

"Actually no. He just wasn't as discreet as he thought. He is being dealt with as we speak." Darth Sykal explained.

"The Naboo won't stand for this. Markath is a popular king." Kalla retorted.

"He was a mistake. The vote was rigged, and he seemed loyal enough. We didn't think he would turn out to be a double agent." Sykal pointed.

"Even so, the people won't respond well to this. Tyranny breeds rebellion." Kalla commented.

"We shall see." Sykal replied.

"And why haven't you killed us? We certainly can't be good for your situation." Kalla asked.

"Lord Pestilus wants any Jedi we capture alive. One Jedi is good, but Kalla Kaltas, and she's with child? This is too perfect." Sykal answered, with a disturbing smile on his face.

Now Kalla was scared. "What does Pestilus want with my unborn child?" She asked, but before Sykal could answer, what sounded like a explosion from outside diverted his attention. "It seems you were right, Kaltas. Don't think I'm done with you or your boyfriend." Sykal said, leaving the prison.

Ackbar Hangar

"She and Tonatius made it safely to Naboo. That's all I know. Oh, and those modifications you and Iyav made to the Eagle worked perfectly, though it's still a shame we had to use them at all." Komad explained to his son, before turning to the thawed Shinigami. "Take this. It'll help you get up to speed on what's been going on in the past hundred years." He said, handing Xandros a datapad. "Unfortunately, things may not be as different you might like."

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