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WCH, your problem had me confused for a little while too.

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Feedback! If you don't like spoilers, don't open the spoiler tags!

Ok well I really enjoyed the demo. Just some thoughts...

-The bik movies did not play for me. I know I installed them correctly but they just wouldn't play. Didn't get an opening crawl either. Most likely just me having done something dumb.

-Love the droid in the beginning. Great voice, though some VO's did not match up with the dialog.

-I know the VO's aren't complete so the only thing I'll say that is that they often did not match up with the written dialog.

-There are lots of spelling errors and stuff which I'm sure will get polished. But there is the re-occuring ",..." which kind of bothers me

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-Immediately the uniqueness of Quan and Kyle struck me as being super awesome.

-I LOVE how everyone you see has their own name (reminds me of Elder Scrolls) and clothing/items equipped. It really makes it feel like a totally new place.

-You picked perfect modules for all the new areas. Really love the crash site, it fits perfectly.

-No DS/LS choices? I'm assuming it's just a limit of the demo because the skins aren't finished yet or something but still. There are supposed to be dynamic and unique choices and stuff so I'm really disappointed that we don't get to play with them a bit.

-More of a suggestion than feedback here. If party members like Quan have their own saber hilts, I really think you could benifit from giving party members like Uldir a custom weapon of their own. It wouldn't be hard to find an alread-made weapon that's suitable and all you'd need to get is the modder's permission. You could even use one of mine if you wanted

-Story, story, story! I love it! Totally different from anything I've played. Really keeping me wondering here!

-Weird dialogs, dunno how to put this. More times than one, combat starts and I get a dialog option. I pick it and I kind of get stuck between combat and dialog - it's very weird.

-Do I even need to mention all the character/robe/armor skins? They are so awesome.

-Did I end at the right spot??
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Overall I give it a B. I really enjoyed playing something new, but it just all wasn't there for me. I know it's a beta and I'm really looking forward to some great progress. I'm sure you're a ways into act 1 so as always good luck! Can't wait to play whatever comes next.

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