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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Moynal, I know people will try to edit 2da to try to get those heads into vanilla kotor2 but please don't voice it in the thread here or ask for help since your not suppose to be doing this publicly do to the permissions restriction mentioned in the readme txt file.

Redrob41 in time will release them as a mod. I would ask you to wait for that.

This is a RoR game asset. And these assets are not allowed in other people's mods.

Thank you

Sorry I just thought that I could use them but not release them as a seperate mod. What I mean by that is that I thought I could use them in my "Vanilla" TSL game for personal use and not be violating your terms

Edit: If I have to I guess that I should wait for the mod release. Do you think the mod could come with those heads as selectable like the NPC ones?

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