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Originally Posted by Fafolo View Post
Hi Xarwarz, first of all: congratulation for the great work u did on those textures, they are really amazing!

Second, a couple of questions:
1) Your work on KOTOR 1 is finished right? so if i get those texture they are the final version, no need to check for updates later right?

2) I understood from this thread that the KOTOR 2 texture aren't the final version, right? What are u going to add/change?


Kotor 1 and tsl are finished however if i happen to brainstorm and come up with a better look for a planet i may change some things. So it varies on what i might change....not every planet will be changed just some i think need improvement like onderon. Check out telos vers 2 vs telos version 1

Thanks for trying it out...
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