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Originally Posted by joesdomain View Post
I hope not! Star Wars Super Bombard Racing was terrible. I thought they came out with a video game for PS1 or PS2 called Episode I Racer. I remember buying it back when I still played those games. Star Wars Battlefront I and II are the two top selling games of all time. Star Wars Galaxies was a cool idea but never really made them alot of money. Internet only games don't make enough money because it leaves a huge chunk of the gaming industry without a star wars game. (For example the people who only play single player games) I only play single player games. Never will buy Galaxies and won't buy Star Wars TOR. I am not buying Star Wars Kinect either.

I never had the opportunity to play the two Racer games they released for the PS2/3, but the original Racer was a phenomenal game. I would welcome a true remake rather than the Kinect mini game they are fronting.

I really enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies. At the time, it had some of the best graphics of any MMO out there and the community was actually a lot of fun. The quests and side-quests were also entertaining. A lot of folks also enjoyed the sandbox qualities to the game. While I don't plan on buying TOR at launch, it looks to be making Lucasarts and EA a lot of money. I guess we'll see!
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