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Modding Update: I found that I still have the textures from my K1 Mission PC (shown a few posts above) that I never released. And, it is nearly ready for a release. All I need to do is make the portraits & fix her eyebrows. I also found some other work that I may get around to finishing at one point. Until my next update, here is a screenshot of the K1 Mission PC in-game on the Endar Spire.

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Originally Posted by Slstoev View Post
First difference I saw in the first pic is that the PC has TSL hair it seems and everything seems more crispy(i.e. high-res textures) than in the normal KOTOR.
Well, it is a screen from TSL; Secondly, my graphics card is able to handle the default hi-res textures. The only difference is the head & clothes.
Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
Yeah, the textures look very nice. Recruitment mod, maybe?
It's part of a mod bigger than a recruitment mod. (I do hope to announce that mod sometime soon once more progress has been made on it.) But, yes, she will be a party member in said mod.

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