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Hey Kurgan, just played on the Meatgrinder for about an hour.
Feels good to take off the JA+ clan suit and play some good old fashioned CTF with bots on OJP =]

As you probably know, I'm a coder, and I'd be happy to support the Meatgrinder perhaps by maintaining OJP basic and adding onto it.
Let me know what you want and I'll see if I can get it done.
I could also host some servers/services from [i]Australia[i] (Sorry, I'd be in the UK/US if I could!) such as a game server, web site, IRC, maybe even Teamspeak. I have free access to a few server machines with 99% uptime here.
Is your deal with EscapedTurkey still in effect? I believe they did a similar thing with my JA+ clan, was rather nice of them to recognise long-term customers.

To start with, I may port my administrative system from my JA+ replacement, mostly for this if we have any troublemakers (Referring to your last post)

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