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Originally Posted by BongoBob View Post
While I agree with this sentiment, I haven't had a single problem with my ASRock P67 Extreme4 motherboard. Maybe you just have s***ty luck TiE?
Yeah, key phrase "s***ty luck". After my month long computer clusterf**k my phone has been giving me tons of issues lately and I'll be looking into getting it replaced in the next week and hopefully for not-too-much money. It's a hardware problem and I figure it's 99% certain that it's due to "overheating", in that as soon as it gets even a tad warm it turns off.

Oh, but I did figure out how to fix this weird tint issue with my Dell U2711 monitor where the two left-and-right halves of the screen would change their tint very slightly after 10 minutes of use. Changing the color profile in the OSD fixed that, thankfully.

Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
Buy cheap, buy twice.
Heh, I've learned plenty from that sentiment. I've invested properly into nice CPU coolers, a cool running graphics card, a high quality PSU, a fast SSD for the OS, and a massive super-fancy monitor.

Funny thing is that the Gigabyte mobos are still only like $15-20 more than ASRock. Now, I had only made a wish-list on Newegg for parts for my brother to buy. When he was visiting he suddenly announced "okay, I'm about to click 'submit order'", after I had told him "let me do a double-double-double check before you buy stuff". I was about to stop him and give some time to review the choices, but I think I was busy with something else and just went "eh, alright, whatever". If I had the patience I probably would have gotten a nicer Gigabyte mobo... problem was I made the wishlist a couple of weeks before finding that the mobo was at fault -and- I rationalized that a problem that occurred on an AMD board wouldn't happen on an Intel board...

New stuff:
  • My Kindle's screen broke but I got it replaced free of charge in just three days with an eight minute long phone call.
  • I went ahead and bought BF3 on Origin, and got Mass Effect 2 as a bonus for taking part in the Alpha (yeah, I was in it and that's all I'll say).
  • I get my paycheck in two days and I've been looking at Bastion and From Dust on Steam. And from the sounds of the heaps of praise it has gotten, may look into Frozen Synapse. Shogun 2 has gotten me into a strategy game tilted mood and it seems to be a real-time Metal Gear Ac!d, which I loved the **** out of, I probably played MGA2 more than Lumines on my PSP.
  • I bought a Torx screwdriver set to open up my HTC HD7 so I could replace the memory card.
  • I got a 32GB MicroSD card for around $50, but unfortunately didn't solve my freezing issues as I had hoped. Luckily I was able to modify the memory of my phone without breaking the warranty seal, so I'll just hold onto this card until I hopefully get a replacement.
  • I swapped my totally crap generic 2.0 desktop speakers with my simple 2.1 Logitech speakers I was using with my bedroom TV. So now my music and games no longer sound like crap coming from my computer. Now, they're still like four year old $40 speakers, but they're fantastic compared to the previous set.
  • I put two and two together and realized that my 720p Vizio TV in my bedroom was crappy and not being used because I hardly touch my 360 anymore. So I moved my 360 and my PS3 to play through HDMI onto my U2711 by sticking them under the bed next to the desk. I have to swap the HDMI cable between the two consoles, though.
  • I hit a jack-pot in terms of luck in media connections, though. I don't have to change around anything to get the HDMI's sound through to the computer speakers. I just used a male-to-male 3.5mm cable that is perfect length from the monitor's audio-out to the Logitech 2.1 speaker's controller where there is a line-in socket for music devices or whatever. So audio from both the PC and the PS3/360 can be pumped through the speakers.

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