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Originally Posted by XwingVsTieFighterWar View Post
this is retarded, how can they make a game over 10 years ago NO problems- but NOW its too hard. A TON of starwars nerds out there love the series, and even if Lucas Arts rehashed it with the same ****ty engine with new textures and a few new ships from the new movies- people would still buy it JUST because you would be able to play online. Isnt there a single out of work game programmer in this economy that can rehash it up and just release it.

i mean come on people we are tricking out our computers to run DOS for crying out loud- JUST to play this thing; cant they just get a temp to throw together a ****ty rehash? I would pay money for that if it means we can all play again!

In a desperate search to confirm a rumor i found this page and signed up just so i can vent. If hey dont want to make another Xwing VS tiefighter game then Lucas himself and shove a double ended Darth Maul Light-saber up his ass sideways and turn it on.
we all think that is the case but its simply not true
this may seem a little out of context but hear me out
rugby... the last rugby game released for any console was in 2007, for 4 years people have been asking for a new one, saying stuff like we dont care about the graphics we just want a new game, well its coming out in a few weeks and it looks pretty much the same as the one from 4 years ago and people are up in arms about it

im afraid if they were to make a new x-wing game it would need an overhaul of the game engine to be able to use some of the awesome hardware that is available in the world today.

its a big ask for anyone to do this, especially in a climate where nobody is making flight Sims anymore so they have absolutely no idea how big the market is

Sure if they released a new one "that looked good" i would be first in line, but i would be super surprised if anything happened.
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