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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
I would love to be able to have mods that would make many of the costumes look less...ridiculous.

But whether that was a mod I would make or get from an official or 3rd party source I don't really care.
My experience with Star Wars Galaxies taught me that retexturing, remapping, and file editing usually are what are available for us to mod. Most of the models come hardcoded into the game, however, we (the modding community for SWG) were able to modify the Jedi and Sith Acolyte robe model so that it would appear closer to the Jedi robes from the prequel trilogy reapplied the Jedi Knight Robe texture and we had done the next best thing to making a new clothing model.

Example: This is from the Cloaks Over Jedi Robes mod.

Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
I miss Fred.
It is a shame when good modders don't come back.

Originally Posted by Mav View Post

Don't we all
Unfortunately, I was not modding when he stopped, so I can't say that.

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