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Hey all, just a little update for you to let you know I am still working. Mod is progressing nicely. Must be getting better at this stuff because it doesn't nearly take as long as it used to. Currently stuck on some dialog parts, but will get them worked out.

Here are some pics.


This part of the mod is part of the jungle, so I am reusing Dxun as many modders before me have. There is not a lot of the best could do is turn off the rain, turn down the 'fog' effect, change the ambient color tones slightly, added a few try to give it a different feel. Not much of a 'wow' factor with these

Some other random pics:

This next module is one of Quanon's..not much done with it yet but will be shortly. I think it fits nicely into the jungle scene

Will also be using a couple more of Quanon's donated modules. Those will require some work though. Plan on reskinning them and adding some stuff to make it less Korriban and more Onderon 'jungle'. That will definitely slow my progress down.


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