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So, I'm walking down a brightly lit corridor in a Victorian house. It's sunny outside and the sunlight is shining brightly through the white curtains. There is a sense of great calm and warmness. Only the sounds of birds outside can be heard and my footsteps as I walk down the hall.

Suddenly, I'm pushed back. Looking around, I see nothing. I continue walking, and I'm pushed back again. I see nothing around. I continue to walk but once again I'm pushed but this time forward. However, this time I heard a loud roaring sound for just a moment. Once again, all is calm.

Over the next few moments, the pushes become more and more frequent, and every time I hear a loud roaring sound. Eventually, every time I'm pushed back and forward, it's suddenly night time and I suddenly see the house broken down and destroyed in the midst of a shower of ash. Just after the push, it's suddenly day time again in the perfect Victorian house.

The attacks finally start becoming full fledged and I feel that something is pecking at me. After a few seconds, I no longer go back to the perfect Victorian house and permanently I am in the dark place with the roaring sound of the wind. While trying to protect my eyes from the shower of ash, I find myself defending myself from consistent attacks from a very large grotesque bird.

It seems that I was stuck in some sort of "dreamland" until I was awoken into reality of being in a very dangerous and dark place.

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