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Basically the people who have a PC and play online will be playing TOR. The people who have X-box 360 with a kinect will be playing Kinect game. What the heck happened to the PS3 customer? Lucasarts pretty much did not care about us. Not once have we gotten a star wars PS3 exclusive game. The only star wars games we got were ones that were released on multiplatforms like Star Wars The Force Unleashed I and it's sequel, Star Wars Lego the Complete Saga and Star Wars Lego III and Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes.

We did get a boost this week. I read an internet article on that says Sony is reducing the cost of 160GB PS3 to $249.99 and 320 GB PS3 to $299.99 because of Star Wars Complete Saga coming out on blu-ray on September 16, 2011 in U.S.

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