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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
But not everyone who has a PC plays online. I won't pay to play a game.
Exactly. I play the free multiplayer for games that I own, but I am never going to pay for a game more than once. Then there's the fact that not all PC's are created equal, and some people won't even be able to run TOR. Take any game for any console and you'll be able to play it, but I certainly won't be able to play SWBF3 if it comes out.

Originally Posted by joesdomain View Post
Basically the people who have a PC and play online will be playing TOR. The people who have X-box 360 with a kinect will be playing Kinect game. What the heck happened to the PS3 customer? Lucasarts pretty much did not care about us. Not once have we gotten a star wars PS3 exclusive game.
"Playing online" isn't quite that simple. A good number of people, like me, simply choose to play multiplayer. As for the Xbox 360 users...what if they don't own a Kinect? LucasArts isn't neglecting the PS3. SONY just prefers to have its own companies and partners working on games for their system. So game companies that formerly made SONY exclusive games either switched to the Xbox or started making their games multiplatform.

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo
It is LucasArts.
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