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KotOR I Widescreen, 1280 x 800 Help

Posted this in the Holowan Labs section yesterday, but didn't get a response. Still looking for help.

So, as most of you probably know, KotOR doesn't run in widescreen unless you use this patch to mod the .exe.

But any patches below 1440 x 900 cause the game to freeze/crash, as stated here:

If KOTOR is run at standard widescreen resolutions below 1440x900 it will either crash, or dialog text will be missing (preventing the player from responding to conversations and rendering the game unplayable). For users of 720p HDTVs or 1360x768 displays, I suggest setting up a custom resolution of 1530x864 (the closest resolution that runs ok) and using video card scaling to downscale this to your native resolution. You would then patch KOTOR to use 1530x864 based on the instructions above, not 1360x768. Files have been provided for this resolution. For 1280x800 users, the same solution of setting up a custom resolution and downscaling will work; 1440x900 would be an appropriate choice in that case.
and since my monitor runs at a lowly 1280 x 800, I'm supposed to follow the above instructions and patch to 1440 x 900 and use the appropriate HUD files.

I'm able to get the game to run, but I'm unable to get it to downscale to 1280 x 800. I've checked the settings in NVIDIA Control Panel and have tried both aspect ratio and full-screen scaling with "override the scaling mode set by games and programs" turned on, but still I cannot get the game to downscale, and so part of the game is always cut off.

If any knows concrete steps to get the game to run in 1280 x 800, I'd love to hear them. I've spent over an hour searching for a solution, but nothing works.

Screenshot of how it looks in-game: Link

Notice how off-center the menu is because the game isn't scaled down. Help?
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