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Pugmod with 1.02a?

I've been trying for hours and hours now to figure out how to use Pugmod, and so far, it seems that the only JK2 Pugmod I can find is for 1.04. I'm in 1.02 and want to use Pugmod for editing demos. Earlier today I posted at a forum I'm in, about all I could find and think of, so if this helps, feel free to read:

The main problem seems to be that it.. doesn't work (heh heh).


Bad cgame system trap: 302

.... when trying to load a map, after loading the mod. It should be noted that the mod contains the files "" and "cgame.qvm".

So, has anyone ever seen any proof of Pugmod in use with version 1.02a? Or if it's possible? Or easy to fix? Eeeek!

Any insight appreciated... making movies the old and hard way for now...
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