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((Mach, do you think you could review the story again? I'd like to see what I can improve on and I would honestly like to hear your opinion on it ))

One Day Later
Ebon Hawk

" what's the plan now?"

No one could answer Mission Vao's question as the Ebon Hawk continued on it's journey through hyperspace. Shiyra who was holding Ariana who was sleeping. "I don't know Mission...We can't have a repeat of what happened at Kashyyk and we can't confront him alone. If we head for an inhabited planet Mical will most likely kill the inhabitants to draw us out...And he's too dangerous to fight alone on some uninhabited planet."

"But what if we had allies when we fought him? Most planets have security forces like the TSF and Dantooine has a militia, we could head for one of those two and see if we could get help."

"No...Mical would simply take them out first. He's one of the strongest people I've ever fought. And I'm not going to endanger anyone again. Mical has proven that he's not afraid of killing the innocent to get my attention."

Mission shook her head. "What did you do to make him so angry?! Even the sith I fought in the Jedi Civil War weren't as determined to kill us as that guy is!"

Shiyra shook her head. "I don't know what we did...but I do have a theory that might make sense. "When I first met Mical on Dantooine he was working for the republic. After he first attacked us I checked the republic database and found that all mentions of Mical have been wiped from the databases. Nothing is left."

Juhani who had just been released from the medbay by Jolee growled. "Then the question remains...did Mical delete the information from the databases...?"

"-Or did the republic?" Jolee finished. "I have to admit. It might be a possibility that the republic deleted the information. During the Jedi Civil War the republic covered for an old friend of mine. His name was Sunry and he was convicted of murdering a sith on the planet Manaan. He was found innocent of the crime but we later found out that he killed the sith in cold blood. After that little incident I found it hard to trust the republic."

Zaalbar limped into the room with a snarl on his face. "We should take the fight to him! This...outsider killed everyone in my village including my father! Honor demands that we make him pay for what he has done!"

Mission moved over to Zaalbar and put an arm around the wookiee's shoulder. "Don't worry Big Z, we're going to make sure that this guy pays for his crimes."

Shiyra raised her hands to calm everyone down before this discussion became an argument, she did have an idea but she was hesitant to voice it. "Everyone needs to calm down. I agree with you all: Mical needs to be stopped. But we can't go after him like this. What we need to do is come up with a plan. What we have now is a limited opportunity."

Juhani stared at her. "And how do you see this as an opportunity? Right now we're on the run and most likely Mical is going to find us as soon as we drop out of hyperspace."

Shiyra shook her head. "No...I have a feeling that this time he ran. I managed to take him by surprise on Kashyyk when we fought and he was forced to retreat. What we have now is time and that is something we normally don't have. I have no doubt that he's going to come after us again but it's going to be after he manages to recover from his wounds and once he's confident enough that he'll be able to handle us this time."

Juhani shook her head. "And how do you know this? By the time we got back to the Hawk his ship was gone."

"I know this because I've been fighting Mical for nearly a month now. He was extremley confident in all of our encounters." She turned to Jolee and Juhani. "You must have noticed that when he fought you two. He was confident when he fought you."

Both Jolee and Juhani nodded. "True." Jolee said quietly. "But he wasn't overconfident when we managed to surprise him. Then he stopped underestimating and took us seriously."

Shiyra smiled darkly. "I managed to surprise him big time when I forced him to retreat. It's going to be awhile before he heals from his wounds and he feels that he'll be able to fight us again. In the meantime I have an idea of where we can go to find information on fighting him...and maybe even find some information that might tell us what happened to him."

Shiyra moved over to the display console and the image of a planet with a large space station hovering over it.

"We're going to Telos. It'll have to be a short visit but it could tell us how to finally defeat him...or maybe even possibly save him."


Mical looked down at his arms which were still very sore from his last battle with the exile. He looked down at at the tubes that were transferring kolto to his wounded arms from a small kolto pack sitting next to him and then looked at the sith holocron that was sitting on top of one of the consoles. He had considered using it but the sith healing process was quite painful and in his weakend state he might not be able to handle the healing. was better to use the kolto to heal himself. It might be slower but at least there was very little risk of him dying.

And he refused to die. He would not rest until the Exile and her companions were dead. But he knew that before he could confront them again...not so soon after his battle with the exile. Her strength on Kashyyk had suprised him but he would not underestimate her again.

The fighter's computer began to beep, signaling that he was about to come out of hyperspace at his destination. He smiled as a brownish-red planet appeared in front of him.

It appears that I still have much to learn before I can deal with Shiyra. And what better place to learn then Korriban?

((Sorry for the short chapter. The next one will be longer.))
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