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I just released a Fix Patch 1.0 for RoR Demo

The Patch fixes the issue mention where the dlg would break if you control Uldir at the end of a key fight.

The Patch also resolves the confusion around finding the Black Boxes Quest. You will see a text pop up telling you have found a encoder/recording device which is the Black Box.

The Republic Scientist who will tell you to see Bao-dur even after he left the module has been resolved so there is another dlg shown after Bao –dur leaves.

I started to add more detail in descriptions of datapads and quest items along with changing the icon to the Calm plant item so you can not wear it. The Crystal used for the door has different icon and now can not be used as a lightsaber upgrade.

You can find it at download section and later at Deadlystreams

The Next Patch will add VOs as well as tweak and polish some of the Demo’s content.

This will include:
Re work of the assassin scene
Possible LS/DS options at 1 to 2 points in the Demo
And more to be announced as we closer to the Patch’s release

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