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XtaZe Big Skinpack

Hey guys I decided to release my second skinpack But this one is more special. In fact, it contains ALL the skins I made for the moment. So all the skins you have seen on the screen of my mod are in it . You can use all of them in your mods; all things you have to do is to credit me, carbonite modders(inspiration) and gametoast stuff(inspiration) Actually there is :

-3 droids skins (normal, commander, pilot)

-1 alien Skin (Togruta Male)

-8 Clone Adult skins

-21 Clone Commando skins (Omega squad, Delta Squad Reskin, 2 Imperial Commando and some others)

-10 Phase I Clone Trooper (not awesome things but it still good )

-47 Phase II Clone Trooper ( you'll need a Phase II Clone Trooper for the helmet skins)

-1 HudArms Reskin (38 Arms Reskin)

-6 Jedi Skins

-29 mandos skins (you'll need Mandalorian helmet)

-5 Pirates Skins

-2 new visor skins

-5 zombies skins

Here is the link :

Hope you'll like this.


Sorry I forgot to add pictures ^^

Darman(Omega Squad)

Niner(Omega Squad)

Fi (Omega Squad)

Shadow Trooper





Battledroid Reskin

Pilot Battledroid

Blue Jedi

CloneAdult 40

CloneAdult 07

CloneAdult 62

Zombie Officier

Kal Skirata

Black Mando

Human Zombie

Clone Trooper Zombie

Hope it will help .
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