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KotOR: Echo of the Force

Well, I have looked forward to making this thread for quite some time. I am pleased to finally announce this mod. I am quite grateful for everyone who has helped me learn everything I currently know about modding; Also, I am grateful for those who have encouraged me over the years. So, after that introduction, I am now announcing...

Plot Introduction
Years after the Battle of Telos IV, the Republic struggles to recover from the war. A series of systems have seceded from the Republic. Attacking from an unknown source, the planet Darrax is under attack. In the midst of a debate in the Senate, the Jedi Council sends a lone Jedi to investigate...

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Team Recruitment
I am looking for additional modders to help with this mod in the following areas:
  • Modelers (mostly planets)
  • Skinners (characters & modules)
  • Dialog Writers
  • Side Quest Ideas

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Deadly Stream Thread
Kast's Echo Thread

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