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They talked about that years ago, but I have not seen any evidence of it being implemented. In fact, it's looks more like the hilts are one size fits all in some cases like they were in Kotor, their original game.

The blades have been vastly improved as you see in the post by adamqd. Thank you for that Bioware.

I can't imagine how many hilt designs they would have to add to the game to truly make them customizable. In Star Wars Galaxies, they gave you a choice of 14 unique styles, and others you would have to find as a rare loot schematic.

What I think they should do is make it something of a slot-machine type mini-game where the emitter, the hilt, and grip can be made interchangeable, so people can have their unique hilts.

I understand why BioWare is limiting the lightsaber colors. George Lucas is paying them personal visits. Any project that he works on The films, Clone Wars, or even LucasArts will adhere to his theory. Jedi are Blue and Green, Sith are red. BioWare must have slipped the purple for Sith Inquisitors in as a hey, Samuel L. Jackson did it.

Hopefully, you'll be able to use the color crystals you get from dead Jedi or Sith if you desire to pick up their weapon as in one of the in-game videos.

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