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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Plus global warming is a myth. I write as I enjoy the record 19th straight day of 100 F or above.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Shyamalan twist:

we were the aliens all along

Originally Posted by Astor View Post
No they didn't. The day our government starts gassing its cities and cleansing minorities, then you can say that.

Originally Posted by Trench View Post
I think we found the premise of the next Spielberg movie.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Or we'd just find fancier ways to waste time with the help of technology as opposed to actually advancing the human race.

Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Personally, i find this search for aliens in order to solve humanity's problems somewhat silly. Even if we did find benevolent, advanced aliens that let us reverse engineer their technology, given we'd make life a bit easier, but we'd also simply develop more efficient ways to oppress and kill each other. (see: 5000 years of recorded history)

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
This assertion relies on a number of truly staggering assumptions - that an race alien would care about environmental damage to someone else's planet and that such a race would by virtue of existing be any better in that regard, for starters.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Not worried about Aliens, mankind will destroy itself long before Aliens get a chance. It is just human nature.

and so on...

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