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Cool Guy 3d printing these models

Originally Posted by cplhenshaw View Post
Hey, thanks for the feedback.

In the game to animate flexible things like skirts and such they used a series of different meshes and then just flicked through them. These were all stored in seperate .3do files ( for example md_walk_skirt.3do contains all the meshes that would be displayed when manny walks in his robe ). Another problem that I hadn't anticipated was that models might use multiple .cmp files, such as when Manny is in Charlies suit and has the Thunder makeup on.

The current menu is a hardcoded list of the main character .3do's with the appropriate .cmp files, which were easy enought to find. I had started creating a full list and should be able to complete it with a bit of time. Using Scummrev the .cmp files are often nearby the .3do The real trick would be organising the 500+ .3do into useful categories for the menu.

The models do appear to be to scale, and I don't think the game does any scaling. The two thunder boys appear identical except that one is slightly smaller, but they use seperate model files rather than scaling them in the game.

As for exporting them, half the work is done in reading the .3do's, would just need to choose a format to export to, preferablly one that would avoid needing to manually reapply all the textures once you had it.
Thanks for this awesome tool

So, in case anyone is interested - for the sake of a personal collection, I'm trying to see if it's possible to try and 3d print these models on something like Seems these need to be converted using an older version of 3dstudiomax that supports 3do files, and then scale it etc. to something compatible. Should be pretty awesome if it works out. Let me know if anyone is interested in progress on this or if they have any ideas, or maybe if they have some existing model files they can share/make available on shapeways / similar site. Might not turn out as amazing as these hand-made ones by Iain Reekie: , but otherwise should be pretty cool!
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