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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
^^^No, yellow was in one video. Sith Warrior if I am not mistaken.

Also I have seen a sort of teal/cyan (a blue-green) in hilt illustrations, though it is entirely possible they aren't using that anymore, even though it was the first "blue" we ever saw in ANH. If Bioware used it previously then I suppose I could see Uncle George letting it slide but scoffing and scowling all the while.

While I understand they are going to limit colors for gameplay sake, so long as there isn't any absolute alignment-to-color restrictions, that would be okay with me. If I could be a sith with a green simply because I felt like it, I should be able to do that.
I saw in an old video, a Sith killing a Jedi and taking his lightsaber as a new toy, so I think you will be obliged.

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