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Surgery by proxy? You mean surgery done by someone on behalf of someone else? Just kidding . . .

The only reasonable in-universe explanation is reconstructive surgery unless the case can be made that the contact was so brief that his face and eyes would not have been severely disfigured by the blade. You can suffer varying degrees of injury from a given heat source depending on the duration of contact. Also note that Kota's eyes had water on them, which may be pertinent since you can touch fire for a split second without getting burned so long as your hand is wet.

But since lightsabers can cut through almost any material without encountering resistance and may have an internal blade temperature hotter than the sun, escaping from severe disfigurement is probably not possible even if contact is only made for a millisecond. That is unless all lightsabers have a "coronal" layer represented by the colored aura that is not as hot as the core and thus capable of inflicting minor burns under the right circumstances. There's my "silly" theory for you.

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