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Originally Posted by Master Finch View Post
Jedi Guardians have Blue Lightsabers,
In KOTOR 1 yes, but even the jedi masters claim basically this is not definitively-the-way-it-must-be.

Jaric Kaedan being a master of Juyo is obviously a "knight" type for TOR who would have been typified as a "guardian" role in the KOTOR games. He wields green.

with the exception of The Exile who carried Cyan.
Acording to whom or what...? Although my preferred play style is Guardian >> Jedi Weaponmaster or Sith Marauder, I do not believe any such details were fleshed out beyond simply gender and alignment. That may change in the upcoming novel, Revan, but until then such a claim cannot be accepted at face value.

Jedi Consulars have Green Lightsabers.
See above re: KOTOR1 reply to jedi guardians=blue.

Jedi Sentinels have [supposedly] Yellow Lightsabers.
Ditto the above. Though sentinel was a class made up by bioware, its role has not been solidly one thing: in the KOTOR games it served as a sort of balanced intermediate between guardian and consular, though I'm sure you'd agree it was lacking in the powers department and was a little too similar to the guardian. In SWTOR it appears to be taking the place of the WeaponsMaster.

Mace Windu was given a rare violet crystal as a reward or something I can't remember it's on his Wookiepedia page.
This was part of a quid pro quo as a deal for taking the role. As I understood from SW insider, rolling stone, and an interview, George came to Jackson (for obvious reasons). Jackson, also being a SW fan knew in the timeline that by the time the original trilogy took place, whatever Jedi he played was going to have died. So he wanted a unique saber blade color and wanted to go out in a glorious blaze of fire.

I'm not sure if Nick Gillard asked a similar thing for doing lightsaber stunts for 30 years in lucas' employ. Can't verify it though rumors are running he asked for yellow.

Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
The truth, though, is that Samuel L. Jackson was talking with George during the filming of the Arena Battle from Episode II about what their colors will be in the final film. George said flat-out "good guys are blue and green, bad guys are red." As if, don't challenge me, then Jackson, said, "Can mine be purple [violet]. George puts his hand to his beard and say rather reluctantly, "We can do purple!" And, that was it! To this day, no other Jedi filmed by George Lucas has ever received purple, again.
I suppose that is another perspective to the same story.

I can picture (from personal experience witnessing backstage drama between producers and talent) George tried putting his foot down at first, and Samuel let George say his piece, before Sam came back countering with his own negotiation.

Hence, my surprise when BioWare gave the color to the Sith Inquisitor, a class that resembles Darth Sidious. (Sidious, mind you had a red lightsaber in the film) So, yeah, I was a bit surprised by that. Notice that none of the cinematics done my ILM have the sith using purple. I'm wondering how they got it in there.
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The Revan video has it for the inquisitor in that one. But yeah, and one vid I think a dev said it was a combination of sidious and maul. Like the warrior is supposed to be based off vader, etc. Some images of Jedi are also shown using violet--they are out there.

BTW I'm not surprised and anyone should be able to use any color they like. *waits for Exar Kun's blade color to be retconned to red just to spite me*

Bah, I won't hold my breath. My view of George is sort of love-hate.
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