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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Acording to whom or what...? Although my preferred play style is Guardian >> Jedi Weaponmaster or Sith Marauder, I do not believe any such details were fleshed out beyond simply gender and alignment. That may change in the upcoming novel, Revan, but until then such a claim cannot be accepted at face value.
Canonically, the Exile had brown hair, brown eyes (iirc) a cyan lightsaber and was light-side aligned. Also she was a girl.

Also, when Jedi construct their lightsaber each one is unique to them due to the parts that they find themselves upon, so sometimes someone may end up with a different colour.

Either way, George Lucas admits to allowing EU-canon into his canon. He always searches around and allows it into Star Wars (Aayla Secura, General Grievous etc.) and you gotta remember that this IS 3,500 years BBY. Things that happen now might not be the same in 3,470 years time. Times change, like when they stopped using Force-imbued weapons and started using lightsabers instead.

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