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@ DarthJacen: I think Uncle George has much better things to do with his time than hunt down someone who is neither his worst critic nor his most valued critic, who posts on a game forum [this one] not officially a part of LucasArts or LucasFilms.

Though I must admit I am flattered you'd think he'd give me the time of day.

Originally Posted by Master Finch View Post
Canonically, the Exile had brown hair, brown eyes (iirc) a cyan lightsaber
Again, according to whom? Maybe provide a link to who said this. Get me that link to who said it and I might believe you depending who said it. Until then:
and was light-side aligned. Also she was a girl.
These are the only definitive things about the exile thus far. Until the Revan Novel.


Either way, George Lucas admits to allowing EU-canon into his canon.
Then he cannot complain about something (like the inclusion of yellow blades) he allowed and expect it to fly very far. As it is he already comes across as somewhat pat and more into profits, if only slightly so. At least he made a wise decision in letting EA do what it does best.

He always searches around and allows it into Star Wars (Aayla Secura, General Grievous etc.)
Yes. I call it skimming the public trough for ideas. Great for getting out of a creativity bind when you get writers' block.

and you gotta remember that this IS 3,500 years BBY.
I think anyone here is already fully aware of that and the other details.
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