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Some things that I wish someone to clarify

I know there is alot of conflicting things in SW, but some are just so conflicting that it makes SW look stupid. maybe there are explainations

It is forbidden in the SW movies to love, yet it seems that in all things SW love happens all the time. Revan and Bastilla, Luke Skywalker and his wife, and many other instances that i cannot recall. In ROTS, Padme says that if the council finds out that he is the father he will be expelled, but when other Jedi like Revan and Bastilla have children and start their own lineage (Satele Shan), it is not frowned upon. What is the deal?

In the Clone Wars, the jedi are actively involved in the war. In KOTOR, the council warned the jedi not to battle the mandalorians in the mandalorian wars as they claim that it will lead to the dark side. They believed that killing people would enpower the jedi that went to war. Fighting the mandalorians would enlighten the jedi about the power they have over people when they kill them leading them to the dark side. Much like a police officer gets a power trip when he has control over people, a Jedi feels the power over someone when they kill them. In war, you hafto make sacrifices in terms of human life. Doing this would defene them to human life. Also, losing a fellow jedi taht was close to another jedi would lead that jedi to want to seek revenge on the mandalorains would killed that jedi. I agree with this all. Why then were the Jedi during the Clone Wars allowed to fight in the war? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Jedi would be killing mostly droids (CIS) instead of humans, but that would still lead to feeling powerfull no?

The last one is concerning Darth Plagueis. In ROTS, Palps stated that the tradegy of Darth Plagueis the wise was a legend. If he was a legend then he would be well known and especially to the jedi council. However in TPM, Mace Windu states that the Sith have been extinct for a millenia. How then could Palp be Plageuis apprentice as SW media suggests? If Plags was a legend then he could not have been Sids master as the Jedi believed the Sith to be extinct? Also if Palps was Plags apprentice, why didn't he straight up tell Anakin. In ROTS, Palps says "To cheat death is a task only one has achieved but if we work together i know we can discover the secret". If he wanted Anakin as his apprentice then why not straight up tell him " I am Plags apprentice. He taught me everything he knew. I have the knowledge of saving your wife from death. Join me"? Instead, Palps didnt mention this and Anakin went to the jedi council to have Palps arrested. Makes no sense.
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