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About a week ago, I shipped the bulk of my pre-owned PS2 inventory out to other stores, as the stuff was just collecting dust and not getting sold. So I finally pull the last of it off my sales floor, only to have people asking for it.

Last Saturday afternoon, an older guy comes in with his kid. "Where is your PS2?" Me: "I am sorry, we shipped it all out, and no longer carry it in my store!"
Customer: "When does PS3 come out?" Me: (awkward pause) "PS3 came out in 2007." Customer: "Well where is it?" Me: (another awkward pause) "Right behind you under the big sign that says "Playstation 3." Customer: "Do you have the systems in stock? Me: "Yes...several."


Same day just prior to that conversation. Woman calls on the phone. "Do you have that one ring to rule them all?" My part timer took this call... She said; "you mean the Lord of the Rings games?" Customer: "no the actual ring!" Part timer: "no I am sorry, we don't have that." Me: "Did you tell her that Frodo threw into a volcano and it melted?" Her: "I wanted to tell her to contact Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper.(Big Bang Theory)"
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