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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
1. You must obtain a license to have children.

I live in a predominately catholic town, and I am witnessing too many people having too many kids with not one single clue as to how to raise them or feed them. I have had enough.

You may not have any children before the age of 18, and you may not have any children without completing a 4 year program of education followed by a license to bear children. AND, once you obtain a license, you may only have enough kids that your income can afford. Should you get promoted, or get a better job, you can re-apply and be approved to have more. The program consists of basic child care knowledge, to education, discipline, and ultimately how to help them succeed in life.
Too many people are also misusing free speech! I propose nobody be granted free speech until they complete a 4 year course, an extra 2 year course and then a PhD on free speech. And even then, they only be allowed to say what the Supreme Leader has approved on the Supreme Table of Speakable Free Sentences.

Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
2. Telephones

Ever played the game Metal Gear Solid 4? Remember when Solid Snake cannot use any weapons until he get's DNA encoded? The same thing will become of all telephones, cell phones...etc. Kids have no damn business with any phone until they reach a certain age. This will eliminate stupid prank phone calls, and worthless phone bills! No kid before the age of 17 has real reason to have a phone. Any abuse of a phone after that age, the DNA code is revoked.
Damn right, if they're getting raped by drunk hobos, they have no right to call 911.

Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
3. Homeless and Illegal Immigrants.

Reality TV. Give them an option. Either get deported, or "Fight for your freedom" on prime time, or Pay per view! I am sure Bob Barker, and John Madden would come out of retirement to host THIS event! Let them fight the worlds worst criminals to the death for a citizenship! You could get mighty creative on this one! And to quote George use the funds to balance the stupid budget!
Yeah, deport all the Europeans from America!

Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
4. Drugs.

Legalize weed, opium...and anything that grows naturally. Have it in designated areas. Amsterdam does it! Is it any worse than going to a bar and having too many drinks and driving home? Think of what this could do for the economy? And while you are at it...let people smoke for god's sake. It's ok to let people drink, and drink, and drink, but if they light up a smoke...oh god...that's cancer?! Any body else see the irony in this? It's cool, let the bars make that choice.
legal opium lol

Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
6. Pull our troops out of the middle east.

We had no idea how to fix this mess before we got into it. We do not have the ability to fix it. I say, let the mafia go over there, open a few casinos and install what ever crappy government they see fit. Would it be any worse than it is now? Get our people out of there. Leave it alone!
Yeah, just hand it over to the damn mafia. I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?
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