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Warning! I might include some spoilers from the very beginnig of the mod!

I just registered and decided to leave some FB for the mods I tried.

This mod is rather old (2 years since release) yet I'm surprised there are still new modes released for this game. Guess mod community here is solid one.

This one is a big mod which I could categorize as some kind of fan-made expansion set for TSL. I already had pleasure to play similiar thing for K1 and back then I was really positively surprised. I'm talking about 'Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revange'. Great addition which I wouldn't mind being original game content.

Firstly I must admit I didn't finish playing it, tbh I only left Dxun and travelled to Etti IV. After that... well... Let me give my opinion converted into pros and cons. I tried to make it as constructive as I could and not being objective but there are some of my taste opinions here.

Once again note I have only played the beginnign of this mod.

+ Dedication: You must have spent a lot of time creating it and later gave a decent support. Note I said dedication as you decided to make a mod and finished it what I assume took you a lot of time! Yet I fear there wasn't enough effort... But those are pros so lets move on.

+ Official Home Page: For a large mod like this I find it a great idea to host a page about it. Althought the layout and design is poor it gives all the information anyone would look for.

+ Canderous: Found him looking really cool with beard and with Mandalore's armor but without helmet. Not talking about his OCness and what happened to him in your story after TSL.

+ Tsig: Your OC had a good entarence to the story and some nice basic background provided at first. All that player should know when getting into the game.


- Broken Main Menu background (black box on the menu links).

- Poorly graphic desinged and overall badly made 'background' and other picture related stuff in the game. You should look for someone handy with photoshop to do it for you.

- Same as above but about skins.

- Annoying lack of voice: I mean if there wasn't any way to add voices to every character in conversations then why not leave everyone mute? That's far better solution imho.

- Main character: I don't know if later in game we get to know more about his backgrounds but the way he came across to learn The Force is rather silly...

- Main storyline: Again, for me it's really poor and wasn't anything anyone who enjoyed K1 and TSL to accept. It was like some kind of a bad fanfiction.

- Mothership: Goto's starship isn't the best idea... It's too large... I don't enjoy running around wasting more time then I should for a game. There are only few spots for party members so why would anyone need ship large enough to fit in entire army? How would they escape in case of star fight? It also lacks atmosphere of a 'small-secret-base' which 'Ebon Hawk' or 'Falcon' has.

- No quest logs: I had my inventory filled with some datapads but my quest log were empty...

- Cutscenes: Sometimes the camera was acting crazy showing something it shouldn't.

- Dialog text: I had a problem to read everything cause it was too much text to read and not enough time to read.

- Movies: They aren't well made... The skyboxes are too small, obviously.

- 'New planets' - I only travelled to Etti IV but after I saw it I decided to stop playing this mod. It was nothing more but a horribly bad reskinned Nar Shaddaa. After that I went in where once was 'Alien Club' on Nar Shadda and it was blocked by some kind of texture... well I wnet through anyway and I found myself on again badly reskined Jedi Temple's Sub Level.


I had high hopes for it but was brought back from dreamland. Expected it to be at least solid made or well thought out but I was mistaken. The mod is a big expansion acting like a new game but it isn't worth playing imho.

Hope that I explained why my opinion is as it is. Still, I hold props for you Trex for having time and patience to create it. I'm sure there are many players who enjoys it!
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