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I'm one of those Philistines who thought CMI was a disappointment and a misfire when it came out, so by the time EMI was released, the series was already off the rails as far as I was concerned, and I consequently didn't come into it with very high hopes.

Perhaps as a result of that, I was pleasantly surprised. Visually, it's a mess. But CMI's well-executed but inappropriate cartoony artwork had been jarring for me, too. The humor felt much stronger, though, owing to Clark and Stemmle's experience with some of the classic LucasArts adventures. They weren't Gilbert, Grossman, and Schafer, but they were certainly funnier and got the tone down better than the CMI folks and their nonsense about porcelain and whatnot.

It's not a great game, but in some respects I actually prefer it to CMI. Overall, though, it's definitely the weakest entry in the series.
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