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Tonatius looked over to where the guards were spilling in. They had blaster rifles and he had his sword. Well he could dodge too. He held up his blade ready to fight. He whispered, "I gotyour back moi chroi."


"Thank you Tavaryn. Don't worry, I'm sure that we'll have plenty to talk about after dinner with Jun-La and Matton. I'm going to go get dressed now."

Tavaryn watched with concern before getting back into the shower. It was the shortest he had ever taken but it was enought to feel clean. He dressed in his shirt and breeched and pulled on his boots. He called through the door, "Are you decent?"


After seeing her pupil to his father and making sure that he was all right, Jun-la went back to the quarters that she shared with Matton and their daughter. The first thign she did was gather her daughter for a good cuddle before greeting Matton.

Matton, still looking as scruffy as ever informed her that he had dinner almost ready and even made enough for guests. Jun-la laughed knowing that he had ways of finding out things. She took care of Kaillian's needs when she heard a knock on the door. She picked up the baby and went to answer it. She opened the door and said, "Welcome admiral. Glad that you were able to come. Please come in."

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