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It is forbidden in the SW movies to love, yet it seems that in all things SW love happens all the time. Revan and Bastilla, Luke Skywalker and his wife, and many other instances that i cannot recall. In ROTS, Padme says that if the council finds out that he is the father he will be expelled, but when other Jedi like Revan and Bastilla have children and start their own lineage (Satele Shan), it is not frowned upon. What is the deal?
The deal is that Jedi policy on the matter changed over time. No EU source has yet commented on the general opinion about Revan and Bastila, but Luke's Jedi didn't follow that particular rule in any case.

In KOTOR, the council warned the jedi not to battle the mandalorians in the mandalorian wars as they claim that it will lead to the dark side.
It was arguably more about the fact that the Order was still recovering from the conflict with Exar Kun and thus was not adequately prepared, and they strongly suspected that someone (the Sith) was trying to trick them into entering the war.

Why then were the Jedi during the Clone Wars allowed to fight in the war? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Jedi would be killing mostly droids (CIS) instead of humans, but that would still lead to feeling powerfull no?
The Jedi and Republic were in no uncertain terms forced into the Clone War by Sidious' machinations. As we know from the scene in AotC where Obi-Wan is eavesdropping on Dooku and the other Confederate leaders, the secessionists intended to do far more to the Republic than merely secede from it. That their armies were primarily composed of droids had little to do with the matter; if the Jedi Order didn't fight them with its members and the clone armies, then the Republic would be economically gutted by the separatists (or worse). Add to that the fact that the Jedi almost definitely knew Dooku was a Sith Lord, and the Jedi would never be able to justify not entering the war.

If he was a legend then he would be well known and especially to the jedi council.
Why? For one thing, just because something is a legend doesn't mean that it would be well-known (or believed/considered important by the Jedi), and for another, considering the importance of the Sith Order being unknown to the Jedi, Plagueis being legendary was almost definitely something made up by Palpatine.

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