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"Are you decent?"

Alriana had just finished putting on her robe and was putting her boots on when tavaryn called to her through the door. "Yes I am." She called back as she finished tightning her boots. "Are you ready to go?" she asked through the door.

"Welcome admiral. Glad that you were able to come. Please come in."

Belina smiled and walked into Jun-la's quarters and took a quick look around. She smiled at Kaillian and pulled out a small wrapped box that she had been hiding in one of her pockets. "I brought something for Kaillian. I picked it up from one of the ship's storage bays. Had to call in quite a few favors to get it smuggled in."

She handed the package to Jun-la and smiled again. "It's a small holo-music player. You press one of the buttons and it plays a short child's song. I really didn't know what else to get her."


Darth Corial smiled as he thought over the reaction that he had gotten from Alriana. Now it was time to test it again on a few other subjects. He reached out through the force once again and touched the mind of the one known as Tavaryn and then reached out and found another force sensitive mind on the ship. This one was young...still an infant or maybe slightly older. He reached out and touched the mind of the child and waited for a reaction.
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