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"Who are you? Why did you go to prison?" - Why bother Doctor. I don't give a ****.

That's the problem with the story arcs in new Doctor Who. They put something out there, make it mysterious for no reason at all, and expect me to give a ****. People go around saying stuff like "he will knock four times", "the silence will fall" (those silencers must really be into puns) and other crap that's completely unnatural. Then they stretch the mystery out, hype up the importance of the revelation and of course they can't deliver. River being the daughter of Amy? So what? It makes no difference. It's all pulling rabbits out of hats that's pulling rabbits out of hats in an endless, recursive cycle (Chris "let's turn mathematical concepts into plots" Bidmead would approve of that reference).

The only reason I'm watching this anymore is because it got the good stand-alone from time to time. The story-arcs can just **** off.

Actually, I'm not sure if I would call them story-arcs. They're more like catch phrases. A gimmick taken from the world of sitcoms substituting for mystery and plot development.
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