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Originally Posted by Master Finch View Post
You're quite annoying, do you know that?
Am I, now? Okay then how's this?
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Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
No, he's right, you need to show your sources when you make claims. That's, just, standard.
Thank you. Though I do enjoy being annoying. Wanna find out HOW annoying? /reply


<sigh> I thought that's what was being referenced. Master Finch, do not take this personally: Unfortunately that doesn't count as an official canon source, at least any more than if I were the editor of that article and to have put a pic of my female exile jedi weapons master wielding 2 silver blades in there. I would like official clarification. The only thing we have clarified so far is of her gender and alignment. Female, light side.

If anyone is interested, I have found some perhaps updated material but unfortunately cannot find the origin of the cinematic used within Torment Gamings TOR guild promo.
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YouTube Video

As you can see, the hooded Dark Jedi in possession of an HK series droid is on what at least 'appears' to be tattooine (given climate and building architecture) and pause at about 0:22, you'll see the ebon hawk is initially captured onscreen.

This might be evidence that the Droid is HK-47. If so, then one could reasonably speculate that the Dark Jedi is Revan, but there is nothing official confirming this. For all we know it could just have been prematurely thrown together simply to generate interest in the game. (The comic threat of peace shows a different version of Satele Shan, for example, than what we saw in the Hope cinematic trailer).

I'll divert for a moment: There is no confirmation as yet (that I know of) who this Dark Jedi actually is (except that he and the droid are seen on the initial cover art for the confirmation announcement of SWTOR), but the HK droid looks identical to HK-47.

I am not going to say this was the same HK-47 but the coincidences are hard to ignore. Then of course in a trailer released late last year:
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As we all know HK-47 was taught the term "meatbag" by Revan himself. This IS the HK-47 you're looking for. At the end of TSL the Exile had possession of HK-47. Now 300 years later the droid is found in a complex Revan built holding his secrets. So the droid came back into Revan's possession at some point and this proves it.

So back to the the first trailer, the Dark Jedi is walking towards someone or something. Waves a "hold" command to the droid. Next scene we see him locking blades with someone else wielding a blue lightsaber.

This is a bit speculative, I must admit. I'm not sure I like it either, personally.

Long story short: Suppose if the Dark Jedi were to be Revan, then the only other thing we would have to go off of as to who he is fighting, evidence wise, is the Vision of Revan in Ludo Kressh's tomb, which the Exile had to fight. If that vision in the tomb was a representation of the future to come, or at least was a present representation at that time of their power if they were to fight, does that not imply something? Maybe that this other person is the Exile perhaps?

So this SWTOR teaser cinematic may (OR may NOT) be evidence that the Exile in fact wielded a blue lighsaber--that we know of at that particular point in time. Afterall, the color of Revan's orignal lightsaber (or sabers) is still debatable, too.

So before that, the Exile could have wielded a single cyan saber, or two silver sabers, maybe an orange blade with a short violet blade. Perhaps a double bladed red. However she had to have a single blade of an othodox color by this point by this point because that's the commandment of Uncle George allmighty who was involved with this project.

So.....Anything is possible.

We will have confirmation late this fall, though, when the novel "Revan" by Drew Karpyshyn is released and these details are fleshed out.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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