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Tython system

All told, Kavrik Zall spent five hours on Tatooine. Directly after accepting the job from Admiral Belina, he hired a mechanic to perform a full checkup of the Freedom and was informed to his pleasure that there was less to repair than he'd anticipated. The Freedom was a tougher ship than she looked. The hyperdrive had been knocked out of alignment and would require some work, but the ship had retracted the landing gear as soon as it had detected the impending crash landing. There were a few minor issues the mechanic also pointed out, but Kavrik was confident he could handle them on his own. The ship was also running low on power reserves and fuel, but both were easily remedied.

His second order of business, while the mechanic saw to the necessary repairs, was to visit a local-based courier with a reputation for shady operations. They arranged a deal in which the courier would deliver a heavily drugged Nasrene Kaytlen to an undesired family reunion and Kavrik would ensure that some of her grandparents' money would find its way into the courier's pocket.

When at last Kavrik arrived in the Tython system, he was not surprised to find the Akbar already waiting.

"Open a com channel," he told Lys.

"Channel open," she answered.

"Akbar, my ship is the Freedom," Kavrik said, "and my name is Kavrik Zall. I've accepted employment from your Admiral Belina. Requesting permission to board."

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