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Originally Posted by Master Finch View Post
You're quite annoying, do you know that?
aaah crap! I wish you hadn't said that, you have no idea what you've started.

Originally Posted by TheRogueForums View Post
^^ This. I have *always* had an issue with the saber hilts and blades we have seen in TOR thusfar. It looks too.... cut and dry? The lightsabers in BioWare's KOTOR looked a kagillion times better than what's in TOR right now. And that game is what? 200 years old now? If it isn't broke, do not fix it.
Originally Posted by Darth Vada View Post
[rant]I don't think the hilts are a problem. I mean, look at the ones in JKA!!! Those things are HUGE compared to TOR. Now, it's the BLADE I'm worried about. I mean, come on! Those don't even look like LIGHTSABERS!!! Now, if Bioware doesn't improve this, I will give up on them.(well, just the star wars games.)[/rant]

I think it depends on how you look at it. From my perspective those lightsabers that we've all seen in the games, you both mentioned, are from different SW time periods. So I look at this way, the lightsaber design could have changed over the years from K1 to JKA; they could of evolved over time in each SW period. Technology always evolves in the real world, look at the automobile as an example.

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