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Share your Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene stories

As many of you know, Hurricane (later downgraded to Tropical Storm) Irene whipped up the East Coast, leaving thousands without power. Below, share your stories. What did you do to pass the time in the dark? What did you do to stave off the madness of no LucasForums? Were you insane enough to go outside (my neighbor was mowing his lawn in the rain, no joke; seems a bit counter-intuitive to me...) during the worst of it? What about trees? any down near your house?

For me, it was a 7 hour odyssey with no power, punctuated by a irritating "beep!" from my landline's battery backup unit that perplexed my family as we searched our home for the source of the noise, only to have power come back shortly after we finally turned off the unit's alarm.

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