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Ah yes. Lady Jim-Jim, anybody?
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King Lloyd-o-niedas... anybody?
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@ DarthJacen: Yes I am actually relatively familiar with the timelines.
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As you saw on the novel cover, Revan wielded a green lightsaber. Drew K. has stated on his own website this novel covers the events that happened *after* KOTOR 1 and 2.

We have art of a typical representation:
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As we see here in the comics during the mandalorian wars, once Revan donned the mask, he raised his lightsaber, which at that point looked a sort of indigo color. Between violet and blue.
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In the timelines Revan is seen fighting Mandalore the Ultimate. We all know it was hand to hand, but the TOR timeline has an interesting portrayal:
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I do know that in the timelines also, a redeemed Revan is portrayed in them as fighting malak with a blue saber (alongside Bastilla, not in the picture).
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Now while portrayals might not be 100% accurate, I wonder if they aren't hinting at something else. More on this in a sec.

Revan is the only one who could have picked up mantle of the force and heart of the guardian. Turquiose just off cyan, and a red orange, a slightest bit different than orange and bronze in TSL. I think these items given their rarity (and obviously *tremendous* value) would have been put into the vault of the Jedi order. That's just my opinion, but I really doubt we're going to find them in the loot of Revan's complex. However it is worth noting another comic book (Shadows and Light?) in a vision of one character it showed Malak dead at a masked Revan's foot. Behold:
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As we saw in the vision of Revan in KOTOR2:TSL he wielded violet and red.
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Real, partial capture:
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BTW In one of my photo albums here, I have a picture of a hand crafted silver lightsaber "prop" of my own IRL if you're interested to look.

Given that and the chosen appearance in the timelines, PMHC04 in the KOTOR game file, which is the long dark hair "jedi mullet" most closely resembling Anakin Skywalker, I'd say BioWare is going for a sort of Anakin Skywalker thing. (I chose the head because it most resembled me irl, long dark hair--that was in 2006!)

I have a theory on why they'd do that: Darth Malgus.
Hint: Descramble the name "Veradun", the birth name of Darth Malgus, and you get 3 possibilities.
1) nuVader: which to us in our timeline irl Malgus is sort of the new Vader for us.
2) unVader: maybe this is a hint of what to do if/when you confront Malgus. Don't kill him because there may be somebody under his Vader-ish exterior that even he isn't aware of (a subject of my current interest as we speak)
3) u d revan: You, Darth Revan?

Credit to Darth Hater and 'neantibi' for the following image:
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The image on the right is from timeline #6, BEFORE Revan is brought up in #7-9. This particular image is shown just after Gnost Dural recites the Sith retaking Korriban (in further details on the Return cinematic as you know).
This image may not be the fully accurate portrayal of the individual in question, but the timing of its showing might imply it was shortly after the retaking of Korriban. Or I could be way off. Is it unreasonable that maybe Malgus went down onto the surface of Korriban to relish the victory in person?

I don't want to derail the thread anymore though. I am currently working on a video right now actually. I'll invite criticism. Would anyone like me to start a thread on it and treat you LF'ers to it before I put it up on YouTube?

I suppose there's a little something I could show you all right here though, but I warn you, you might not like it.
[Ok fine, you win. Here it is!
Cool beans, eh?
They never did finish the timeline, though, I'm very disappointed. Anyway, I happen to think that Revan is long dead by the fall of Korriban, which was redepicted in the latest cinematic by Industrial Light and Magic. I have the wallpaper to prove it. I'm fairly certain that you are looking at Malgus' hood. Although, remember that the artist involved used a very similar art style throughout the timeline.

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