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Let's Kill Hitler was abysmal on first viewing, but became quite good on second. Overall, this last two-parter was Steven Moffat's weakest, but I still think that was a very good episode.

Originally Posted by s-island View Post
River being the daughter of Amy? So what? It makes no difference. It's all pulling rabbits out of hats that's pulling rabbits out of hats in an endless, recursive cycle (Chris "let's turn mathematical concepts into plots" Bidmead would approve of that reference).
Well, "Who is River Song?" was never particularly interesting. "What is River Song?" was always more involving, and we're only beginning to see that.

Actually, I'm not sure if I would call them story-arcs. They're more like catch phrases. A gimmick taken from the world of sitcoms substituting for mystery and plot development.
I know what you mean, but I think I'm seeing this from a different point of view than you are. My main problem is that it's so into the idea of throwing questions and not willing to give out answers in any way that pays off. It's too busy being flash, and not busy enough telling a story.

Or, at least that's how that last two-parter struck me.

In general, it's fine with suggesting big questions and then not answering them - not yet, anyway. The "crack in time" arc from series 5 was fun. Here...there's a lot of juggling going on, and I'm having trouble seeing it all pay-off in a particularly meaningful way.

I'm liking the set-up, but I'm being blue-balled for answers.

I'm going to have to see the end of series 6 to make-up my mind. So far, I'm enjoying it as much as I enjoy any prime Doctor Who, but I do agree that the show needs to restrain itself a little bit and give more time to actual storytelling, less time to grand entrances.

We'll see. There's still a lot of potential here.
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