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Originally Posted by jawathehutt View Post
My girlfriend is from Florida and she keeps bitching about how their hurricanes are never this televised.
I'd have to agree with your girlfriend, but I think it is more a byproduct of usually when you are hit by a hurricane you have no TV for 3 to 14 days to know what is televised.
Originally Posted by Darth_Calo View Post
I may not have a worse story, but my mother had a tough one: her Oxygen Compressor that runs on electricity was down for the count for the 7 hours and her backup Oxygen tank was quickly running out. A call to the Gas/Electric Company yielded a response: "If you can't breathe, call 911." followed by the <click> of the line disconnecting. Ironically, this was just shy of 7 hours in, and soon after, the lights came back.
I think the electric company gave you the best response possible. With that many people without power there is really no way of telling when the power will be back on. Even if they get the power on in a neighborhood there is no guarantee that all the homes in the neighborhood will have power. I still remember four day after hurricane Ike hit this area looking out my window seeing half the apartment complex have power, but I was setting in the dark. Still I got power the next day, my parent were one of two houses on their street not to get power for two weeks. Just thankful that we havenít been hit thus far this year, 104 F does not sound like any fun with no A/C.

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