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Originally Posted by Master Finch View Post

It's generally believedconfirmed that she had brown hair, cyan lightsaber.

No need to shy away now.

↑ The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, By using File:Exilefemale2.jpg, a screenshot provided by a Wookieepedia user, the publishers of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia have canonically established that the Jedi Exile's hair is brown
↑ The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, By using File:Exilefemale2.jpg, a screenshot provided by a Wookieepedia user, the publishers of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia have canonically established that the Jedi Exile used a cyan lightsaber
The links in that page and the link it took you another post to come up with were all you had to say. Still, we will see if Uncle George Allmighty hath decreed differently as per his archaic orthodoxy (personally I kind of hope not).

Like it's generally believed Revan is male (comics, etc.)
Whoa, whoa. Believed? Try confirmed. By Drew Karpyshyn himself.

So y'know #1 for effort though.
No no, I believe that prize goes to you. For putting your money where Red Foreman's foot is. Cheers mate!

Originally Posted by DarthJacen
They never did finish the timeline, though, I'm very disappointed.
What are you talking about, unfinished? It has 12 parts and has been transcribed into a physical form for those who pre-ordered SWTOR.

Anyway, I happen to think that Revan is long dead by the fall of Korriban,
The Developer Walkthrough of Taral V would beg to differ:
View page
YouTube Video
Forward to 1:59.
"The darkness will consume all it touches. Stars will burn black, ashes raining on lifeless worlds. Everything ends. The prisoner holds the darkness at bay. Lost inside it for 300 years, his strength will fail, then he will become the darkenss."
Now it could just be me but isn't three-hundred years ago from this point when Revan left for the outer regions?

Also please explain what those sith were talking about with "reborn" in the Mysteries of Revan trailer I linked above. Seems to me they are leaving it ambiguous to somehow suggest Revan might still be alive. I am hoping for Revan to be nothing more than the cliche force ghost by this point as well but these two videos have shaken that.

You're welcome to try to shoot these down (that would certainly make me feel better). I'm not so certain anymore that Revan is long dead. While we're at it, how could a human emperor live for 1300+ years and still look about 25? (Ref: blood of the empire comic) Do you have any ideas? I certainly have one.

What I am getting at is that while Revan's original physical form is, in all likelihood, dead, this sith emperor has been using a certain power combined with a certain technique, pressing Revan (and for all we know the many other tortured servants of the empire) into service for lifetimes longer than is natural. I mean, do you really think what Sidious did to Bevel Lemelisk as punishment was a new idea of his time? The essence transfer power + clone/regenerate idea was very, very old by that time. Ancient.

which was redepicted in the latest cinematic by Industrial Light and Magic. I have the wallpaper to prove it.
Be my guest. Both counts.

I'm fairly certain that you are looking at Malgus' hood. Although, remember that the artist involved used a very similar art style throughout the timeline.
Compare this to when Malgus' back is turned on the decieved cinematic.
While I agree this is supposed to be depicting malgus, look again, more carefully:

The hood is pulled back. Do you notice the red stripes on each side?

Look at the head closer and you'll see, what appears to be tatters on the left side are actually separate hair strands. The head is drawn and shaded in a manner grainy and fibrous like strands of hair. Just like their depictions of Revan in later videos. If it were a hood, the shading would be more flatly consistent like the cape. If you have friends in forensics, ask them to take a look at this. Image here.

Once you finally see what I am talking about: Why would they depict malgus like that if they weren't trying to suggest something?

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