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Never had to deal with a hurricane. I have lived without power, running water, and heat though. Sucks.

I have gone through bouts of 24-48 hours simply without power. Reading isn't a bad deal where you have adequate light.

Inconvenience vs roughing it out of necessity are two different things.

Homeless, camping, or living in the boonies where part of your 'home' is outside. Depends on how rough you want to "rough it". Wilderness survival skill is not only handy, it is key. It's a hardass living for sure if you had to do it every day all year long. I'm glad I didn't have to.

Never hurts to have some kind of backup plans for the occasions, though. So what if it seems paranoid? It keeps you from getting too lazy, complacent, or arrogant and you'll be glad you did if there is ever a 'next time'.
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