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@ Finch. Hey, I decided even if I can't play the MMO, I'm in it for the storyline. I want to see this darn thing through. I'm glad you've joined on board.

Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
They never finished the timeline. There are still seven slots left to fill.
Does it not seem as though these may be already completed and they are waiting to be released during the game? There's probably time for just one more. Or the spaces may continue to remain blank indefinitely. Who knows?

I'm going with the assumption that Revan is dead until proved otherwise.
Disappointing. I was hoping you'd try to negate the videos. Guess I got my hopes up too high.

It might be hair, but a side-by-side comparison with the Revan and this dark figure maybe similar, but I don't think they match. I do know a forensic artist, but he doesn't work for free.
You couldn't just casually ask him with a picture in hand "is this a hood or hair?"

That's fine but you are, perhaps intentionally, missing the point: they threw that inconsistency in there. It is no accident.

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By the way, I, hope, that the Duel of the Fates theme is in the game!
I think it will be. Didn't they say they were using various tracks from the movies and the games? At least they seem to have used it so far.
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