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Originally Posted by DrakeStoel View Post
What? You're not doing the whole thing?!?!?! That's the worst news I've heard since JFK got shot! Oh well... I'll get over it. Any-who, you've done a most excellent job on this. Thank you so much.
well i always kinda planned on just doing the first part of the game, but i will probably work on it on and off in the future. i just have a few other projects that i would like to work on and i don't think that i will be able to fully dedicate my time to this game. lets just say that it will be put on hold indefinitely and that there is a strong possibility that i might pick it up again some time in the future. i still have a few things that i need to do to it until i am putting it on hold though. also there is a good chance that i will make the source folder available to you guys if some body here wants to continue my work...

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